Your head is your world and this world sits on an atlas, which is a map.

From there you impart your journey on a multi-directional axis.
A compass full of adventures, all dependable on the width of your map.

First you say “YES” to “C” the “1” and only intuition you have received
Then you “C” fit “2” say “NO” to all that which does not impart.

Download your vision, draw it out on a map and use your compass to guide your direction, then let your vehicle take you there.

Nathia Gonzalez

About the author : Nathia González

Was born in Bogota, Colombia but at the young age of nine, my family and I moved to Canada as a result of the political climate in Colombia in the early 2000’s. Both Colombia and Canada are dear to my heart. From a very young age, I was introduced to sport; I swam, played tennis, did in-line skating, was a prospect for the first youth Olympic games (Singapore) for basketball, and I currently compete in Track & Field both at the National and International level. Sport for me has been an agent of growth and transformation. Sport influenced my career choice (Kinesiology and Structural Integration), some of my friendships, it has allowed me to travel around the world, experience different cultures, and meet amazing people.

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