Nathia Gonzalez

Nathia was born and Raised in Colombia but the political climate of the early 2000’s in Colombia led her with her family to relocate to Canada. As the daughter of the only Light-Heavy weight World Champion from the Colombian province of Nariño (father), and Social Justice lobbyist and Political activist (mother), through the influence of her home and life experiences, Nathia has sought out personal change and transformation through the interrelationship of the fascial web. Her path in academics, high performance sport, and family influence, has allowed her to cultivate a great sense of balance in the offering of her work; evoking and facilitating change for anyone in that search.

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I discovered Structural Integration-Rolfing when sports’ injuries came knocking at my door. I was troubled by the pain and uneasiness of these injuries which took down a deep search for reason, in my search I found Rolfing and a new sense of meaning through embodiment.




A somatic experience supporting freedom of movement, and self-discovery.